P.U.S.H. is now Ansias


P.U.S.H. is now auditioning guitarists AND samples of the demos and some classic Fluffy vids are coming my way to share with you.


Directly from the source, this is the state of recording according to Amanda Rootes.

We are STILL in the studio! Brad ended up not being involved in the recording, so just Pat has done it... Working with him on guitars is a lengthy process - he gets really excited, and we have to do a million tracks... Its really exciting, we should be finished by next week - Pat is mixing as we speak...


P.U.S.H. is now recording their demo with Pat Smear(Germs and Foo Fighters) and Brad Davis (Fu Manchu) helping out. It is called Serial Killer Hangover.

I sent the band a little, dozen or so questions that I and another internet viewing fan came up with. That interview *now* appears in the press section.

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