July Interview with Amanda Rootes

Can you tell us a little bit about the new music? In what ways is it different from Fluffy music?

Fluffy was totally Punk, very young, very angry and very direct. The new music is much more eclectic. Rebecca is obsessed with Zeppelin, and Chimene is obsessed with Sabbath. Everyone is bringing different influences to the table, and its grown into something that is indescribable. Basically, it's rock, with punk sensibilities.

Who is writing it (music and lyrics)?

Everyone! I love it - anything that anybody writes changes and mutates into this horrible monster of a song, and becomes something that not just one of us could have written alone. We wrote one song from this totally fucked drum beat that Rebecca had written. I just love that. Everyone pretty much writes their own actual parts, as its them who has to play/sing them.

Any idea what the other Fluffy members are up to ?

Hellen is living in L.A. and we get on the phone once in a while, and have a good old gossip. Angie & Bridget live together in London.

When do you estimate we'll see a CD and/or tour by P.U.S.H. ?

Soon, I hope. Everything takes twice as long as you think it will in this business, so imagine how long it takes to get everything in place as a band, and then double that.

What are the chances of us buying/hearing/seeing unreleased tracks, concerts, or any of the Fluffy videos?

That's a really hard question. There aren't any plans for a collection or anything, I've never thought about that before... Is that a crap answer?

What is your goal with P.U.S.H.?

I want to get back on the rollercoaster, and try not to throw up this time.

Do you have day jobs? If so, what are they?

Rebecca used to be a dental assistant, and Chimene was a librarian. I used to work on a sausage stand selling Bratwurst/Bockwurst and other German sausage.

How did you all meet?

In L.A. through other musicians. We hit it off when we realised that we all had a keen interest in drinking and the fine male form.

While in Fluffy, you spoke of how great New York was. Why did you then move to LA?

You're right, I love New York - but a little too much. I was really afraid that if I moved there, it would never let me leave. Its like this evil festering pit of fun, that chews you up, and makes you drink and drink, and never stop partying, until you wake up in a strange bed with a hangover from hell, with all your money missing, wishing you were dead. Besides, I like the Rock Star cliche of moving to L.A., it's just so fucked...

What made you start playing guitar?

Johnny Thunders, PJ Harvey & everyone who told me that I could never do it.

Have you ever played (music) with boys? Do you prefer playing with girls? If yes,why?

I have played (music) with guys since Fluffy split up, but not extensively. I guess I just like what I'm used to; my dinner at 7.00, my pipe and slippers by 9.30, and playing music with women.

How would you be different if you were now in the late seventies?

Not at all really, except for I wouldn't be emailing you this interview, I guess I would have to send it by carrier pigeon or something...